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Father & Son

Emmanuel Ekefrey

“Colour beautifies the world.” African masks are seen as an element of ugliness; my role is to use vibrant colours to beautify what is termed as ugly.

Born in 1952 into a lineage of men with the gift of artistry, I have always been inspired by my father who was the finest wood carver in Ikot-Ukap. As a young boy, running around bare on the streets of Ndiya village, I played around with charcoal and drew line expression on sand. This has metamorphosized over the years into delicate forms on canvas. My themes are a reflection of common events within the society. My paintings have a signature of "gigantism" a term that I employ to occupy every useful space in my canvas to draw viewers into deeper engagement with my paintings. With my lens on my Ibibio cultural roots, my work celebrates the aesthetics of the ancestral masks of my people with keen emphasis on Ekpe masquerade and the Abang maiden dancers.


I have exhibited my works in major galleries around the world: France, USA, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, and his Fatherland Nigeria to mention a few.


Erikan Ekefrey

Through a distinct African style of narration, my paintings depict cultural heritage and traditions using vibrant colors and lyrical forms which are both non figurative and abstract that I often use mask-like faces.


I am influenced by my father who is also a renowned artist. He was inspired by his father who was a sculptor in carving wooden images and masquerade masks. Our family is the only to have this style of painting in the world. My style is afro cubism. I outline my images with black lines and design African motif patterns between spaces. I use colors to symbolize events and depict traditions using earth tones and colors that are complementary or Analogous color in  nature. 


I am inspired by music, dance, cultural activities, traditional ceremonies and everyday life through color and symbolism.  My paintings celebrate the power of traditions and homage to the spiritual connection between the land and the people. 

My art is conceptual. When I am creating, I am not the only one painting in front of the canvas. There is an inner man that is always directing me and guiding my brush strokes allowing images to flow with huge excitement. I am an artist because God created the world and made everything, so He instilled in me the power to create beautiful paintings for the world to see. I am continuing what my ancestors started by bringing African (Nigeria) art to the world through sharing the rich narrative of my culture, heritage and community.  


To view other artworks that are not in The Ekefrey Collection, please visit ErikanArtwork


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